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    sadly horses do just get these kinds of injuries. It seems unfair but it comes with the territory sadly. The stuff we do with them is totally unnatural and combined with the effects of bad luck/less than optimal conformation/some kind of underlying weakness that they were born with/working on surfaces etc etc... sometimes they just don't stand up to the work.

    Don't drive yourself nuts reading stuff, just follow your nose with the treatment you've opted for, and keep your fingers crossed. And be prepared to give it a lot of time.

    FWIW I think it can be hard to tell what you're looking at on scans until you've seen quite a few. (I have unfortunately! ) so again, if your vets have pointed out the areas of interest then be prepared to take their word for it.

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    Thanks all!

    First experience of laser therapy... was not that impressed.. but I will try anything.. even trying to book the 'Pope' to come and do a blessing over the horse!

    Have saved the article on corrective shoeing (thanks ) going to show it to others at the yard, as it made good reading.

    Horse had physio yesterday - turned more into a therapy session for me ; ) You know, us guys can be more oversensitive than you ladies give credit for ; )

    Well have a good day all... 2nd laser this tomorrow and 3rd shock wave next Wednesday....!


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