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Thread: Coloured Horses

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    Agree that to a top rider the least important thing about a comp horse is it's colour. I'd also agree that there seems to be less coloured horse competing at the top now then there was a few decades ago. This reminds me of something a top SJer of old said (I think it may have been Steve Hadley) that the top horses of yesteryear were freaks who just happened to be exceptional rather than having been bred for the job, therefore they were all breeds, types, shapes, sizes and colours. Nowadays we do breed for the job and the job does not require the horse to of a certain colour. In a way it is a shame as the showjumpers of today are less identifiable and seem to have less personality!
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    I prefer them with more colour than white like this:

    He is only little but does well against bigger horses because his confo is good (better than he looks in this picture ), he moves well and has plenty of presence, and he has exactly the same markings the other side - often compared to a Belted Galloway

    He wouldn't be much good in ridden coloured classes though as his tack covers his white bits

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    Oops thought that was the resized version, sorry

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rowreach View Post

    He wouldn't be much good in ridden coloured classes though as his tack covers his white bits
    Don't be silly he would, remember most shows especially county you strip the saddles off My friends coloured has a similar marking and due to her excellent movement she consistently beats the more 'traditional' looking coloureds. Best of look hes gorgeous!

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    olivia haddow had a piebald at fourstar cant remember its name and Bettina hoy had Peaceful Warrior at four star I think he was skewbald
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    Pippa funnell rode a lovely coloured called bits and pieces.

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    Utah van erpkom, top SJ stallion ridden by a certain Mr J Whitaker. Lush!


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