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    Anyone travelling from Horsham/Barnes green direction on Sunday wanting a travel mate???
    Is anyone coming from Tunbridge Wells/Southborough area that would be looking to share transport? ��
    Shame it's on Mother's Day Those of us with young children can't come!
    I am hoping to join you at this event. It would be both mine and my horse's first time out and I will be attending alone, so just to warn you I might need a bit of babysitting! Thanks for organising!
    I have four sensible horses that would be available to take to this hunt on Sunday. Would need to be collected and dropped back to Dartford. I am happy to pay the entry fee.
    What time does this start and how much? Is it just over warren barn or other areas? How big are the jumps??
    Hayley Turner
    What's the ground like please

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    Default Re: Beginner's mock hunt

    Warlingham riding club also do a Mock Hunt training day which I would recommend to anyone.
    The Mock hunt can be breath taking, 80 plus horses on soft ground at a pace approaching the first hedge
    I was on a horse that could well of run out or stopped, the best feeling in the world when he took the hedge on, then jumped everything I pointed him at.
    Beginners Hunt you are never far from the start so can let the Master know you are retiring and hack back to the car park for a well earned cup of tea. Also the hedges are of the type you could crash through soft brush rather than wood and wire.
    Best and worst bit for me was the down hill canter and turn into a fence that could not be seen as side on cut in a hedge in the corner of the field.
    We had over half the field retire that day but is was very wet and cold. I had a swig out of the Masters Hip flask instead very welcome thanks.


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