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    You see I feel it is essential for horses to learn to travel well without sedation as you never know when you might need to transport them to horsepital for illness or serious injury. Mares and foals are often transported with the mare cross tied and the foal loose it is possible to pack the front of the trailer with bales to prevent the horse moving too far forward and safe if the horse bumps into it
    We have been helping a friend to travel her horse who freaks out one the trailer moves he actually prefers the partition in as he leans on it but we have started with him cross tied with the bar in (he hasnt tried to go over it) his option is to lie down in the trailer we have got him traveling about a mile now on thursday we will box him with a good traveller and take him a bit further but we have always taken him far enough to settle and get his balance before stopping and taking him off
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    Surely the only way your horse could have got his head under the breastbar in the first place was from being tied too long allowing him to lower his head that far. Wouldn't tying shorter just be the answer? Or had he broke clean away?
    I love those quick release travelling bungee ties you can get, instead of tying up with normal head collar lead rope. They are short and allow you to quick release at tie ring end by an easy pull downwards on the release mechanism. Then because they are clipped to head collar you still have a short length to hold/lead your horse with should you need to quickly release a horse in this way.
    Good luck with your travelling problems, I hope your horse is okay in the future.
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    Good luck OP. I'd do some test runs in your driveway as Max has suggested. Cross tie short, huge haynet in front of his face and no breast bar. The horse has never (consciously) experienced a moving trailer. He will need time to work it all out. Once you can go up and down the drive and he doesn't move, then I'd reintroduce the breastbar. I'd also try and find a lorry to travel him in, so he can get used to the whole moving thing without being able to jump over anything.

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    I just wanted to do a quick update, happy dance post!

    I made a decision on how to proceed, I took on everyone's advice and formulated a plan I decided I would take the breast bar out, as suggested by Max, I cross tied him, short! And I think the key, I have given him a light sedation. I decided on this as we needed it to go smoothly for both our sakes. The vet was happy to give me a light sedative to help. I also roped in my ultra experienced friend who instils confidence in me and horses.

    Last Saturday was 'D Day' I loaded him but left at that point as I was so ridiculously scared, but I held it together until that point, I then ran and hid and cried! We had already decided to only go to the end of the drive 300yards maybe? But felt that was far enough. I was 'found' and told all had gone well and I cried some more! (finding my horse in the situation I had will never leave me!)

    We repeated the same today but with a bit less sedative, he was definitely more aware of the situation today but did even better he moved his feet a couple of times and rested his bot on the back bar (we have a camera to allow us to keep an eye) I was around this time, still nervous but able to hold it together (just!)

    Next step, next week, is around the block so we'll see how he deal with corners, he will remain sedated for the next few goes (if all goes to plan) then I will start weaning him (us!) off it

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    Wow well done hope you continue to progress it is a nightmare if they dont travel well
    Just add our friends boy is now travelling well to shows etc

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    Wow - great update

    Best of luck...


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    Good for you .
    I hope progress is smooth from now on .


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