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    Hi guys. Looking for some help finding this ref plate. It was on my grandpa's horse box and unfortunately he passed away 2 years ago. My mum sold the box but forgot about the plate, and to cut a long story short, after many hours on the phone to DVLA she lost the plate. It meant so much to her, and I would love to try and get it for her. Fingers crossed someone spots this, as it's a last resort! Many thanks!

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    Taxed and MOT'd

    Must have been taxed recently

    ✓ Taxed
    Tax due:
    01 May 2018

    Vehicle make: SCANIA
    Date of first registration: August 1989
    Year of manufacture: 1989
    Cylinder capacity (cc): 8500 cc
    CO₂Emissions: Not available
    Fuel type: DIESEL
    Export marker: No
    Vehicle status: Tax not due
    Vehicle colour: RED
    Vehicle type approval: Not available
    Wheelplan: 2 AXLE RIGID BODY
    Revenue weight: 17000kg
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    Hi there, thanks for that. The box was sold to a company in Blackburn I believe, and then sold to someone in Ireland, so hoping someone recognises it! Would mean the world to my mum if I was able to get it back!

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    Well that narrows it down to Northern Ireland then? Try NI horsey facebook pages, (Horsey Stuff for Sale NI, other buy and sell, hunter trials in Ireland), it's a small place so someone will know it.

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    Hi there. Thanks for the reply, appreciate it. Will try the pages you mentioned. Fingers crossed


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