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    Default Striding for jumps and canter poles

    Hi all,

    After confusing myself silly over this, looking for the standard measurements for the following pole spacings please! I understand this ranges (hence my confusion!) Horse is a 16.2 thoroughbred if that has any effect

    1. Distance between trot poles
    2. between canter poles
    3. for a pole before a jump
    4. between one and two strided doubles

    Many thanks

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    Default Re: Striding for jumps and canter poles

    For trot about 3/4ft
    Canter about 8/10ft
    Before 1.5 of length of stride
    Allow half a stride for landing and takeoff plus 1, 2, or however many strides lengths between each fence.

    However, it does depend on the horse and what is comfortable for him without putting himself out.

    That's what I worked with initially and then adjusted them to suit the horse I was riding at the time. It's worth having someone on the ground to see how your horse goes and if he is coming up short or long, then adjusting them for you so his stride is in the middle of the poles.
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    Default Re: Striding for jumps and canter poles

    Hopefully this link will work and answer some of your questions.


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