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    When I lived in a ground floor flat a neighbours cat would walk in through our patio doors and sleep on our sofa and was quite happy to stay a good part of the day with us, my sisters cat took up residence at her neighbours she hardly ever saw him so when she moved she asked them if they wanted him, they were delighted to keep him I think he was just happier with them so it made sense, lots of cats often spend time at different houses especially if they are being fed as people often think they are stray, but they are just clever and work out they end up being fed several times a day if they hang around.

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    The 'problem' with this cat is that it seems quite feral. Not friendly but hanging around most of the time. It is sleeping in our garden in a weatherproof box or in the flower beds rather than returning to someone elses house. It is a long-haired and blue-eyed cat so not just your run of the mill moggy, but it doesn't seem socialised with people or other cats and doesn't meow at all, only making a faint hissing noise now and again. It will creep into the kitchen now but scoot out again at the slightest noise.

    Our neighbours have four cats and two of them come into our house quite regularly for several hours - one sometimes gets into bed with my husband as he goes to sleep early and I then 'post' it home when I go to bed later on! The stray cat is nothing like the others - much more timid and a lot less tame. We will try and make futher enquiries locally but so far have come up blank in terms of finding out where the cat has some from.


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