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    Default Re: HOT HOT HOT!!! - what do you do?

    Quote Originally Posted by southerncomfort View Post
    Well my two are eejits and will stand out in blazing hot sun rather than stand in the shade, so I go up and chuck water over them occasionally. I perhaps wouldn't bother with younger horses but they are 17 and 24 and I don't like to think of them struggling.
    Horses aren't idiots. They stand in the sun as they are less likely to be bothered by flies, who prefer the shade.

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    Default Re: HOT HOT HOT!!! - what do you do?

    I did out yesterday - but the big draft was a real sweaty mess when I went up in the evening. Quite quiet too which I wasn't happy about. So they both came in at 11 today and will go out about 6 - he looked a bit miffed when I left them so I can't win either way!

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    I am worrying about mine today. They were happy in their stables yesterday, but today they were hot and sweaty when I checked at lunchtime. There is barely a breeze here so the stables have got much warmer. I hosed them off and then put them out, and now they are grazing. They have shelters but don't tend to stand in them unless the flies are bad. I am working at home this afternoon so I check on them (not that they are the centre of my universe or anything silly like that )

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    Mine have access to their stables as all gates left open and they choose to come in at about 7.30am, they then stay in all day occasionally going out for a graze for about 10 minutes at a time throughout the day. They then make their way out at about 9pm. There is plenty of shade in the fields but they prefer their stables.


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