I read a post recently about someone installing a fan in their stable because the pony was really struggling with the heat. My TB is out overnight but comes in during the day for about 8 hours and the barn can be really airless when its hot like this weekend. It is a yard rule that if out at night they come in during the day. It will be more of an issue shortly as he is having a sarcoid treated that will drop off in the next 2-3 weeks and leave a wound that I need to keep the flies off - a breeze seems to do that better than any fly repellant though I'm currently using Battles yellow cream and leovet phaser. It's too hot for him to wear his fly rug inside though he wears it overnight.
I wouldn't be allowed to put anything up which used the electricity so I'm wondering if anyone has had success with a rechargeable or battery powered fan? thanks