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    Quote Originally Posted by ester View Post
    I've never heard anyone say that, all refer to the old fox packs as trail hunting to maintain the difference.
    Trail hunting and drag hunting are two completely different beasts - drag hunting follows a scent over a "course" of fences, and they have a number of "lines" of increasing difficulty.

    Trail hunting has a man made scent, laid to mimic the route a fox might have taken in the old days - it produces a day much more like old fashioned hunting - you start earlier and finish later than drag hunting, but it is much less fast and furious.

    Jumping is more or less optional - depends on the pack you pick and the country you cross - see my other post.

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    Exactly hence I don't know anyone other than the above poster saying all hunting in the UK is drag hunting these days, that just isn't really the case.


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