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    Default Clipper tensioning

    I have an old pair of cattle clippers,with A6 blades, which I think are Lister,. (no markings) I am having difficulty getting the tension right as there are also no marks on the tensioning screw and the clipper noise doesn't seem to change. Do all clippers work on the 1 and a half times back principle ? I am not clipping cows just a very hairy coarse feathered cob !

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    I believe that all lister clippers use that principle, at least the ones I've used have done and I had to ask because my own are Liveryman and Heiniger which are different and very much done on the sound!

    if they are definitely listers and still not feeling right then are you sure that the tensioning parts are in good nick? as you mention they are old clippers, perhaps they are due for a bit of tlc?

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    As above, a new tension spring - less than 10, sorted mine


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