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    Default Fully Livery around Chelmsford/Braintree/Dunmow

    Putting feelers out...

    I'm looking to move my two geldings to a fully livery yard around the end of October/November this year and just wanted to get an idea of what's around so I can get on a waiting list if need be. Must have access to turnout all year round, preferably 24/7 in the summer as one of my boys is older and arthritic. Indoor school would also be desirable. Chelmsford/Braintree/Dunmow area only.

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    Default Re: Fully Livery around Chelmsford/Braintree/Dunmow

    Great Easton, just outside Dunmow. Is a basic sort of a yard, very friendly, all year turnout but limited at the worst of times. Arena (not indoors) but excellent hacking. If you want the YOs number let me know.
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    Are you on Facebook? If so, join the Essex Horse Riders group....great for looking for Livery

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    Lawn Hall livery has an indoor school. Based North End - lovely yard, horses very well cared for & set in beautiful countryside


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