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    If the horse is only part loan then the owner has every right. alienate a long term and reliable loaner that seem like hens teeth according to people on here? Never understand why people just can't have adult conversations and sort these things out in a nice way. (Not aimed at you IHW)

    There's not much you can do really except 1) find out why and see if you can offer more time/ money/ something else. 2) offer to buy if he's what you want 3) see what happens, it might work out ok.

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    Default Re: A wwyd thread.... advice please

    Also some "kids" are extremely competent. I know one girl who at 14 could ride competition fit SJ warmbloods on the flat and over fences beautifully, and used to have them working correctly and calmly, even ones that were pretty feisty with their very experienced adult owner. If you know the kid and think it's an accident waiting to happen that's different.

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    I was in a similar situation last summer. I had been riding one of my YO horses for about 18 months and to all concerned he was 'mine'. Nothing in writing, just a gentlemans agreement as such. Until the day she rang me up to say he was going on full loan with 2 weeks notice. I was heartbroken as he meant the world to me (still does) I discovered it was a teenager on the yard who had taken him on and figured by winter setting in I'd have a call to say was I interested again. That call came before autumn as she lost interest/had been frightened by him (he was a quirky fellow) Sadly I was so hurt I couldn't bring myself to get involved again in case it happened again.
    So maybe suck it and see? Or offer to take the horse on formally? Or cut ties and walk away? I suppose it depends what agreement you have in place currently and how you are set up for changing it.

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    Thanks for your relies some interesting points. Do have an agreement in place with owner and pay a lit of his bills etc won't make any rush decisions but I think will have to walk away which is hard when you are so attached but always knew this was something that could happen with it only being a loan.
    Only started riding him as something to play with when I lost my mare but is funny how they creep up on you.


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