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    I am about to dye my horses mane due to fading (I am off to a show) and I need to do her forelock, but I don’t know how to wash the dye out of the forelock without spooking her.

    Also, she has white fur, but a really dark mane. Obviously, the dye is going to be dark. How do I stop the dye from staining her fur????

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    apart from the fact it is against the rules to dye a horse for showing why on earth would you do so. chemical dyes are dangerous any substance should be patch tested before use and you really cannot prevent it running onto the coat

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    I have already done a patch test. I am doing it as she used to have completely black hair but since I’ve had her rug covering all of her mane except her forelock throughout the summer, her forelock is now a really light brown.

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    Besides, I’m not using human hair dye. I am using the lucky pony hair dye. Specifically made for horses.

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    Honestly, I wouldn't.

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    There was a massive furor about this at one of the summer Highland shows when a competitor with a grey (pale body and dark mane and tail) artificially enhanced the mane and tail colour. Don't do it. It's considered cheating.


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