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    I haven't read all 11 pages of this but I have had horses that like being out and horses that prefer being in. I used to believe they were happier and better off out. More natural innit.... Well natural does not necessarily mean desirable. Being hungry all winter is natural! If they have not yet overcome their instinctive aversion to being enclosed, then yes they will be stressed in. But all mine have long since adapted to being in. I had the most nesh pony ever who HATED being out in the rain. He would try to plant on the way out if it was raining and refuse to go. Last winter there was a strangles outbreak and all 3 of mine had to live out in a quarantined herd 24/7 for 3 months. 1 was fine, the other 2 were utterly miserable. They had adlib haylage, natural shelter and plenty of space. They very soon stopped playing and just stood there looking fed up. I used to have very strong ideas about what was right and wrong but sooner or later you'll meet horses who haven't read the scripts or the books!

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    No horse should ever be stabled without proper work / turnout unless there's a medical reason it must be restricted .
    It's unacceptable.


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