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Thread: Thumbs up RAF

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    My lad does get a bit worried by the low flying training helicopters, but they are there and gone before he can over react, we always wear high viz, but with the hedge rows and woodland I would be surprised if they could see us in time to change direction.

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    I ride on Salisbury Plain so come across a lot of helicopter flying some so low you can see the whites of the pilots eyes. My rather sharp horse givens them a good ignoring; she likes to focus on real dangers like deer and the wrong coloured grass We do wear hi viz and I know pilots are taught to avoid stock and riders wherever possible and that they can only see riders if they are wearing hi viz.

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    Great initiative, we used to keep ours on a hill bordered by a railway line, 1 mile out from the landing strip at Lyneham, by the time they'd got quiet on the main road we had to cross we could honestly say they were quiet with planes, trains and automobiles

    Now we get air traffic from Brize and Fairford - see some interesting sights when the RIAT is on, but the only time we've had an issue was when we were working 2 young harness horses on our practise track and a chinook popped up the other side of the hedge cue spin and bog off moment, thankfully contained quite quickly and not the fault of the pilot at all.
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