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    Default Re: Horse failed vet wwyd

    Just as an aside, related but also not - do you vet with the same vet, or get another one and have the original vet there too....or just another vet entirely. Just curious..

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    Default Re: Horse failed vet wwyd

    Was this on the hard ground? If so that’s an optional part of the vetting anyway and many choose not to do it cause of risk to horse.
    Agree with poster above also who said speak with Vet as many would and do fail on that but are still appropriate for the job in hand.
    If it passed everything else would it be cheaper/similar price to just X-ray foot and check for changes.
    If she only wants a hacker then it prob wouldn’t bother so much compared to if she wanted advanced dressage horse.

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    Default Re: Horse failed vet wwyd

    My horse of a lifetime failed the vet miserably on a flexion test. I walked away and stupidly went back and bought him a few weeks later. Best thing I ever did, he never had a days lameness apart from a fractured Radius but then that was nothing to do with his failed vetting.
    Personally, if he ticked all the boxes then I would have a 2nd vetting at the expense of the seller, if they arent prepared to do that then I'd walk away.
    Hope it all works out for your friend

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    Default Re: Horse failed vet wwyd

    That particular test is very severe and many horses will fail it due to a minor imbalance in the foot. This can usually be corrected either by shoeing to x rays or by removing the shoes altogether and allowing the horse to set its own balance. If the dealer is respected, foot x rays are clear, and the horse is everything you want I would buy it but be aware that it will not be covered by insurance for lameness in that leg.
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