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    Default Riding Side Saddle

    I've never done it, and an opportunity to loan a chunky NF who can carry a saddle, has arisen.

    Couple of questions;
    Can you just 'learn'... self teaching, or do you have to find a pro to give you lessons?
    I have use of a side saddle..... is one size fits all sort of thing, or does a pro have to fit it (like a saddle fitter?)
    Does it matter if the saddle is too big for children to 'have a go?'

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    Default Re: Riding Side Saddle

    Always best to find a pro at least to begin with. The technique to sit truly straight is different and the aids vary somewhat too.

    Yes more or less one size fits all - side saddles are seldom made now so most people have to make do with padding on an old one. Best thing to do is get your pro to show you how to fit the saddle correctly. But once you understand the mechanics of it you can probably do so yourself.

    I would have thought kids can have a go regardless of saddle size - we do side saddle rallies at our PC and the focus is always on fitting the pony correctly not the rider. If you were going to show in it or go hunting or something you would probably want more precision; but for day to day "pottering about" the fit to rider should not matter too much. Fit to horse does obviously.

    Contact the British Side Saddle association here and see if there is someone nearby who can help.

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    Default Re: Riding Side Saddle

    The fit of a side saddle is even more important than that of a cross (or "normal") saddle! Horses which suit a side saddle should have a good wither, so hopefully your New Forrest has this. The Side Saddle assoc. can recommend a saddler.


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