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    Default Re: To insure or not insure...thats the question!?!

    I don't insure anymore.

    My cob has a severe dust allergy, which is obviously excluded and is also the most likely cause of any vets bills so I need to save the money to make sure I can cover the costs relating to that. His condition also means box rest is out for him, even if I had a stable. I don't keep a separate account, but I have savings I can get quickly if needed.

    I've now moved to Ireland where insurance is fairly unknown anyway, yet to have an Irish vet ask me if my horse is insured. Also yet to have a vet bill of any size, fees are noticeably lower.

    Unless you are genuinely unable to fund a possible vet bill its just a gamble one way or the other isn't it and everyone's risk assessment will be different. For example baran mentioned theft cover which is not something I consider at all as the likelihood is so low where I live.

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    Default Re: To insure or not insure...thats the question!?!

    I don't insure other than 3rd party.

    Insurance is a gamble, in most instances you're financially better off not insuring (the usual insurance companies are high profit earners so they are getting in more than they are paying out). Only you can decide whether you can fund the maximum treatment you'd want to put a horse through.

    I'm comfortable that I can cover off any vets fees so insured or not doesn't effect my decision on treatment.

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    Default Re: To insure or not insure...thats the question!?!

    None of my animals are insured now as we have too many. The two horses have racked up various exclusions and I wouldn't put them through surgery so doesn't seem much point. I just have the BHS gold for Public Liability. However if I get another horse at some point i'm not sure what i'll do, I suppose it depends on age and worth.


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