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    Question Feed for a rising 2 year old

    My warmblood filly is 2 in May and spent last April- mid Dec turned away at grass. She is now in over night and out during the day until Spring. There isn't much grass but she is fed ad lib haylage over night. She is a good weight and doesn't need any more condition and upto now has stayed unrugged and has a lovely thick coat. Last year when she was around 10 months I started feeding her Sure Grow and even though this was introduced slowly she seemed to have some kind of reaction that caused a swelling to her face. I am tempted not to feed her a hard feed but sometimes I like knowing I'm doing the best thing for her or whether I should research any feed/vitamins/balancers etc. There is such conflicting advice about feeding up youngsters but also offering them the correct supplements that it's hard to know what to do for the best!

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    My babies are on top spec stud balancer (rising 3yo, good healthy weight and starting very small amounts of walking out on roads/dealing with spooky stuff etc) and Top Spec Stud lite balancer (rising 2, fat full brother to above), then both get a handful of Alfa a oil and about 5 hi fibre nuggets for crunch. Just to come in to as there’s barely any grass left and they’re out all day. Then hay overnight.

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    Mine is similar (though she is 4 now) - she has never needed hard feed for condition, but I have been quite careful about minerals for her. I had a forage analysis done a while ago (not expensive) and since then have fed minerals to balance what is missing. As such she gets a small amount of fast fibre and a couple of handfuls of oats as a carrier for a mix of calcium phosphate (from Equimins), Progressive Earth Pro-mineral and salt. She looks good and her feet never need any attention which I like to think is a good indication that her diet is suitable.


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