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    A giant swede hanging from the ceiling is brilliant for keeping them occupied. The bigger the better as they can't get their jaws round them. Look for them on market stalls / small fruit an veg shops as supermarkets only ever have small ones.

    Makes me realise how lucky we were with M. He did 5 months box rest for a star fracture of the cannon bone with ten minutes walking twice a day. The worst trouble we had was to get him walking as he just wanted to stop and eat everything. Then when it was time to get on him after 5 months, we just did and trundled down the lane and back like he'd been ridden the day before. It didn't even occur to me it might be a problem!

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    I had one of mine on box rest for a prolonged period. Impeccable behaviour to begin with, hand walked each day with no issues, gradually building up to 30+ minutes. Then walking under saddle for several weeks, no problem. Ok’d to introduce some trot work, again fine.

    One day it was windy. He was really on one, I should have aborted, but I didn’t. He dumped me, ran for home and aggravated the ddft that I’d taken so much care in rehabbing.

    More box rest was prescribed, but he was having nothing of it, so vet said ok to turn out for everyone’s safety.

    He did come right slowly but surely, then I lost him to a totally unrelated field incident. Nice.

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    Sorry about your horse mytwofriends

    annagain - think mine might be more like yours, just need to make sure I don't go in any direction that indicates he might be going out to the field otherwise might be doing some skiing! I don't think I'll have any problems with the walking or bringing him back into work - he will do 6 months of long reining before I can get on anyway due to my own injury haha!


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