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    Default Wood shavings/chopped straw

    Hi all , anyone use shavings/chopped straw mixed ? If so any good ? Thanks. In advance.

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    For me my opinion I hate shavings, Im using it now with my Shettie. It doesnt hold the wee if that makes sense. Doesnt suck it up. It travels and travels in my stable so Im having to throw out so much which is making my floor so wet (I do like a clean bed especially to keep my pony healthy) and for me its 6 per bag which is sooooo expensive.
    Also it sticks to my mates coat, mane and tail. Very frustrating

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    Default Re: Wood shavings/chopped straw

    Not mixed - shavings alone. I have well drained and rubber matted stables so it is perfect. Much easier and quicker to muck out. Shavings do stick to rugs etc - I suspect so does chopped straw. If mixed I would worry about the horse picking at the straw element and ingesting the shavings. Don't know if that is a real issue though.


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