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    Get a dressage saddle! IMO everyone rides better on the flat in one, they make a huge difference to horses way of going, your position etc. I use a BR bridle for everyday and it's lovely-soft, supple, padded, looks smart and didn't cost a fortune either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ceriann View Post
    Thank you - as a guide what would I be spending on something like that? She works well in the drop so no reason to change style.
    I would charge around 200 for a standard unpadded bridle including coming out and measuring your horse and fitting it when it was finished. Padding and shaping head pieces etc. all add cost because they involve considerably more work.

    One of the main advantages of a custom made bridle from an independent small maker, other that fit, is that they will be hand stitched. Hand stitching is far more secure than machine stitching which even the high end branded bridle makers overwhelmingly use.

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    Thanks everyone so dressage saddle shopping it is then - bridle once I’ve chosen saddle I guess ( or maybe when I’ve saved some more pennies depending on what saddle I get). Saddle pads etc buying is exciting - I find tack shopping stressful because mistakes are expensive!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nugget La Poneh View Post
    I would love an Antares - have built the bridle I want but really can't justify the 450euros .
    There is a chap in Scotland (I think) who is a rep- you can buy in from him and also the individual parts- I couldn't afford the whole bridle at once, so I bought the noseband then the brow band and I am considering the headpiece now but horse seems to be quite happy in old padded head piece so will probably just stick with that for a while


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