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    Does anyone have first hand experience of a mare with ovarian turmours and having the ovaries removed?

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    Yes , done at leahurst both removed, cost about 1.2k covered by insurance. Box rest for a week, yard rest for a couple more and back in work after about four or five weeks I think

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    Two years ago our 21 year old mare was diagnosed with a huge Granulosa Cell Tumour. She had the surgery to remove it by keyhole, under heavy sedation. She stayed at Rossdales for about a week before coming home, was suppose to have 2 weeks box rest but we ended up auctioning off a small area in the jardstandings sonsje was out with her friends and not stressed. She was allowed to start very light work after about a month. She is now a completely different horse to the one we had before the op. She s now so calm and laid back about life. She s much calmer to ride as well, before very few people would dare get on, now ever to e wants to ride her, she still has her spark though. Hoping this year to get her back into doing more dressage and showing, we just wish we had known she had it before.


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