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    Question DIY Livery yards in/around Bury St Edmunds


    I am looking into moving to Bury St Edmunds around June time and am hoping someone could recommened a DIY Livery yard for me to check out.

    •DIY with services if needed
    •24/7/365 grazing, track or pasture, but I know this type of yard is a very rare breed, so will also be happy with 24/7 summer and everyday winter turnout
    •Herd turnout or with at least one other horse
    •Great hacking is a must
    •Facilities i.e. menage would be an added bonus but not a necessity

    I've found Lower Farm Livery in Saxham, Gt Horringer Hall Livery in Bury and High House Farm in Stowmarket myself but wondering if anyone has good/bad reviews of them and if they would suit my needs?

    Thank you in advance and sorry if I am asking the impossible!

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    Default Re: DIY Livery yards in/around Bury St Edmunds

    cant tell you any details but there is a yard on the road which goes to bury from haverhill, i think its the A143 and its about 5 mins drive from west suffolk hospital. it would be on the right if you are coming from bury and it advertises diy livery. sorry dont know anyone there but may be worth a visit..

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    Default Re: DIY Livery yards in/around Bury St Edmunds

    Sorry I can't help with your livery but just to say that Stowmarket is a fair way from BSE and if it's the yard I think it is, it's in quite an out-of-the-way spot! You could try going on All things horsey Suffolk or BSE FB pages. Good luck and I hope you find what you're looking for.

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    Ok great thank you both! I'll keep an eye out for any little hidden gems and ask around on FB too


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