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    Default Wolseley swift clippers

    Anyone struggle with the tension on these clippers? Mine seem to only clip if held upright or they stop ....
    anyone have any recs for best most economical clippers on market today ?

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    Default Re: Wolseley swift clippers

    I had the same problem with mine, they were quite old though. Sent backwards and forwards to Wolseley 4 times and they kept telling me nothing was wrong with them and changed a load of parts, they eventually fixed them and they lasted a year until they went again. that was after accusing me of stealing some part off their loan clippers... It likely isnt anything to do with the tension. I now have a set of Wolseley Larks and love them. You cant really beat Wolseley for reliability to be honest they are brilliant clippers. And although I had a bit of a nightmare getting mine fixed and being accused of stealing something, the service to repair was very quick and inexpensive and they kindly lent me a loan pair while mine were being fixed.


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