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    Default Exercises to engage core and lift back

    As per title recommended exercises to engage horses core and lift their backs. Also ways to encourage to keep the impulsion on whilst completing these exercises. Thank you

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    Default Re: Exercises to engage core and lift back

    You will struggle to beat raised poles and transitions for this honestly

    In terms of keeping impulsion, that is a schooling issue in and of itself and needs to be addressed as such. The horse needs to go forward off his own steam and be responsive to your leg in order to generate and keep impulsion. If you're constantly having to kick you will struggle to keep it and thus struggle to lift the back.

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    Default Re: Exercises to engage core and lift back

    Mine was like this and has taken a while to improve.
    He may be struggling with the impulsion due to lack of core muscle.
    Carrot stretches and tummy lifts will help.
    As will working in hand. Have a look at "Schooling Excercises in- hand" by Oliver Hilberger. I don't like to do a lot of lunging but short stints, particularly over poles, can be beneficial. Obviously any work without the weight of a rider is useful.
    Steady hacking, especially with hillwork, will help build up muscle and they're normally more forward out hacking.
    Ridden pole work will help, mine really enjoys this and his impulsion improves too over poles.
    Correct diet will feed body and mind. Mine is a good doer and the change when I ditched all supplements and put him on a feed balancer was phenomenal.

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    Default Re: Exercises to engage core and lift back

    Get INgrid klimkes book... cavaletti.
    Love a lot, trust a few, but always paddle your own canoe...


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    Default Re: Exercises to engage core and lift back

    Doing carrot stretches will also help make the core strong and help with suppleness, as will doing some lateral work


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