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    Default Researching a novel - please help


    I'm in the final stages of completing a novel which contains some horse and stable scenes, and I am looking for someone with a knowledge of horse ownership and stable management, as well as, ideally, knowledge and experience of these things in a Welsh context. I would like this person to read the relevant scenes with an eye for the accuracy and authenticity.

    I'm not in a position to pay, but I can offer a place in the acknowledgements for you and/or your business or company when the book is published.

    Please do respond and/or get in touch if you think you can help.

    Thanks and best,


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    Default Re: Researching a novel - please help

    Hello :-) I am not a welsh expert but I am an author and a horse person so more than happy to help out.

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    Default Re: Researching a novel - please help

    Thank you so much - I've replied by private message


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