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    Default Mud Fever question?

    My boy has got mud fever for the 1st time and I have been told to wash dry and sudecream every night . my question is for parents I used sudecream for nappy rash but found that metaium ( yellow paste in a yellow box was far better than sudecream) has anyone used this on mud fever? or am I looking at this the wrong way?

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    If you have a look in Vet & Hoof Care section there is a very recent thread on mud fever. I don't know how to link to it but it's at the bottom of the first page. Hope it helps.

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    Default Re: Mud Fever question?

    I'm sure both would be fine but Metanium is 2.50 for 30g and Sudocrem is 5 for a 400g tub which makes is a lot less expensive when use use it by the handful

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    If I remember correctly Sudocrem is zinc and castor oil cream as are some of the Equestrian products sold for mud fever.
    I use udder cream (Battles) for mild mud fever it is also zinc and castor oil cream. it’s often cheaper and works well.
    I have not seen the yellow stuff you describe OP what’s in it?
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    You would need to check with your vet as the ingredients are totally different


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