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    Default Re: 6 months old...time flies!-Pic heavy

    The coat so far has proven to be a breeze tbh.
    It doesnt hold much sand or water(we live by the beach so thats essential!) Once shes dry it all just falls off.
    Just needs a decent brush every week or two.i usually pop her into work and give her a groom down -Slicker and rake or if Ive time wash,blower it out and then brush. Shes rarely impressed-objects loudly and voally as if shes been murdered to anything she decides isnt ok but we are getting there.
    Not half as bad as I was expecting! .....but this is the puppy coat ask me again in 6 months when shes done the adult transition! She will shed eventually shes only dropping off small amounts atm in little dark clumps.

    I agree completely cinnamon toast. The pups ae cute and fluffster....but the adults are just soo pretty as the markings come out!

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    Default Re: 6 months old...time flies!-Pic heavy

    Very pretty and adorable! Looks like a little lion <3 What other accessories is she wearing aru?


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