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    Default Livery costs Dublin/Louth/Meath

    Hi lads
    Could I get a ballpark figure on what you're paying for full livery for a horse in these areas? I now South Dublin is around 400-500 per month full livery but looking towards Louth/Meath, full livery initially maybe changing to half. Flexible around things such as indoor arenas etc at this point - just looking to get ballpark figures and go into specifics from there. Thanks so much!!

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    Default Re: Livery costs Dublin/Louth/Meath

    I pay €520 pm full livery in North Wicklow, which would be similar to South Dublin prices. Very dependent on facilities (ie arena(s), indoor (which we don't have), amount/quality of turnout). Know of some places that are €600+ pm. Sorry, can't help with Louth/Meath, but I believe the may be a little cheaper.


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