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    Default Mare's coat losing colour around eyes and nose

    I have a 16 year old welsh section D mare, and I have recently noticed that she appears to have lost all the pigment around her eyes and nose. This has never happened before. She is a bay mare, but she now has white circles around her eyes. Her nose and under her tail also have white patches. She hasn't lost any of her coat it has just changed colour.

    I have heard from people that this could be due to a copper deficiency and I wondered if anyone else had experienced anything similar?

    What products do people recommend for restoring her natural coat colour and if there is a deficiency what supplements are good to help solve this?


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    Default Re: Mare's coat losing colour around eyes and nose

    It might be vitiligo.

    Or could she be greying out? Grey horses normally grey out much younger than 16 but one at my old yard was jet black well into his teens and now (at 20 or so) is almost white!
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